ASP.NET Interview Questions

Ques 1. What is Asp.Net ?

Ans. Asp.Net is a framework of .Net Technology for developing web applications.

Ques 2. What is WebForm in Asp.Net ?

Ans. A webform is a page is with the extension of .aspx.

Ques 3. What is the fullform of ASPX ?

Ans. ASPX stands for Active Server Page Extended.

Ques 4. What is are languages support by Asp.Net ?

Ans. Asp.Net supports any .net language like,,, etc. We can use any of these languages for developing applications.

Ques 5. A webform in consists of how many pages?

Ans. A webform consists of three pages linked with each other. Webform.aspx (Design Page or View) webform.aspx.cs(Code Behind class) webform.aspx.designer.cs(Autogenerated Designer class)

Ques 6. What are the steps for creating a webform in ?

Ans. For creating a webform, first we need to design the page using html,css and controls and then write the code in the code behind file by generating events for the controls.

Ques 7. What are the types of controls supported in

Ans. supports html controls which are client side controls and controls which are server side controls. Along with controls there can be differents stypes applied using css and we can also use scripting languages like javascripts,jquery , angualar etc

Ques 8. What is the major difference between client side controls and server side controls?

Ans. Client side controls are html controls which can be accessed only in the design page and the controls cannot be accessed in the code behind file. Server side controls are controls which can be accessed both in the design page and the code behind file using any .net programming langauges like C#.

Ques 9. What is the syntax of controls?

Ans. Syntax :

Ques 10. What is the significance of runat="server" in controls ?

Ans. The runat="server" is attribute which make the controls as server side controls. It is compulsory for every controls.

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