SQLSERVER Interview Questions Download PDF

1 . What is SQL Server

Sql Server is a DBMS System designed by Microsoft for storing and retrieving data using client server architectute.

2 . What is SQL ?

Structured Query Language(SQL) is a language designed specifically for communicating with databases. SQL is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard.

3 . What is DBMS ?

DBMS provides a systematic and organized way of storing, managing and retrieving from collection of logically related information. It is a concept based upon which the Database systems are build.

4 . What is RDBMS ?

A relational database is a type of database. It uses a structure that allows us to identify and access data in relation to another piece of data in the database. Often, data in a relational database is organized into tables.

5 . What is ORDBMS ?

An object relational database management system (ORDBMS) is a database management system with that is similar to a relational database, except that it has an object-oriented database model. This system supports objects, classes and inheritance in database schemas and query language.

6 . What’s difference between DBMS and RDBMS ?

1.Definition- DBMS-DBMS stands for DataBase Management System. RDBMS-RDBMS stands for Relational DataBase Management System. 2 .Data Storage- DBMS- Data is stored as file. RDBMS- Data is stored as tables 3.Relationship - DBMS-There is no relationship between data in DBMS. RDBMS-Data is present in multiple tables which can be related to each other. 4.Example- DBMS-MSAccess. RDBMS-Oracle, SQL Server.


Client Server Architecture means there will be a single server and the server can be connected by multiple clients which have permissions. Its basically a single server and multiple clients connected to the server.

8 . What is a Database in Sql Server ?

A database in sql server is a collection of sql objects like tables, views, stored procedures , functions etc. Using database we can divide the sql server into multiple logical units.

9 . What is DataWareHouse ?

A Data Warehousing (DW) is process for collecting and managing data from varied sources to provide meaningful business insights. A Data warehouse is typically used to connect and analyze business data from heterogeneous sources. The data warehouse is the core of the BI system which is built for data analysis and reporting.

10 . What are the majot difference between Database & DataWareHouse ?

database-Any collection of data organized for storage, accessibility, and retrieval. Datawarehouse-A type of database that integrates copies of transaction data from disparate source systems and provisions them for analytical use.

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