POWERBI Interview Questions Download PDF

1 . What is POWERBI ?

PowerBI is a software that allows you to connect to different data sources and visualize your data and share insights across your organization

2 . What is POWERBI desktop ?

It is a free desktop application for personal computers,primarily for designing,generating and publishing reports to the cloud.

3 . Features of PowerBI?

Some of the Important Features of PowerBI : 1.It allows users to transform data into visuals and share those visuals with colleagues. 2.It allows users to explore and analyze data from all sources . 3.Once an output is generated, users can display the same in multiple devices that are compatible with the Power BI application.

4 . Is Power BI free to use?

YES,users can use Power BI for free. However, the best of Power BI can be availed with the Power BI Pro subscription account.

5 . What are the versions of Power BI?

Different Versions of PowerBI are 1.Power BI Desktop -The on-premise version for Windows 10 2.Power BI Service -For publishing to the cloud 3.Mobile Power BI -For mobile users

6 . What are the major components of Power BI?

Major components of PowerBI are 1.Power Pivot - It extract and cleans data and loads on to Power Query 2.Power Query - It operates on the loaded data 3.Power Q&A - Makes it possible for users to interact with reports using simple English language 4.Power View - It lets users create interactive charts, graphs, maps, and other visuals 5.Power Map - It enables the processing of accurate geographic locations in datasets

7 . What are Building Blocks in Power BI?

1.Visualizations -Visualization is a visual representation of your data. 2.Datasets -Dataset is a collection of data that Power BI uses to create its visualizations. 3.Reports -Report is a collection of visualizations that appear together on one or morethan one pages. 4.Dashboards -Dashboard is single layer presentation of multiple visualizations. 5.Tiles -Tile is a single visualization in a report or on a dashboard

8 . Work of GETDATA?

It is used to import data from various sources.

9 . What data sources can Power BI connect to?

Power BI can connect to different data sources like : 1.Files - Excel, Text/CSV ,XML,JSON etc 2. Databases -SQL SERVER database,MYSQL database,Access database, SAP database etc 3.Online services - Sharepoint online list,facebook,gethub etc 4.Azure -Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data warehouse etc 5.Others -Hadoop file,Spark,ODBC

10 . What is Power Query ?

Power query is a ETL Tool used to shape, clean and transform data .

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