ManualTesting Interview Questions Download PDF

1 . When to start software testing activities? Or Why testing should start early in software development life cycle?

The test is not related to the execution of test cases and to find out the flaws or defects. In the form of verification of the requirement in the test, many steps are involved in each phase of development life cycle, check the design, make a test plan, and so on. Therefore, the software testing activity should be started as soon as possible in the development life cycle.

2 . What is a Branch Coverage and Decision Coverage?

The decision coverage test ensures that every decision-making statement is executed at least once. Both decisions and branch coverage test testers are done to ensure that no branch and decision making statement will not cause the failure of the software. To calculate branch coverage: Branch Coverage = Fixed Decision Results / Total Decision Results

3 . What are the benefits of independent testing?

Independent testers are unbiased and identify different flaws at the same time.

4 . In a positive approach to the test, when do you expect bulk work of test designs to begin?

After the software or system's production, the work of test design has begun to be bigger.

5 . What is a test suit?

The test suit is container of th groups of test cases. It help tester sin executing and reporting the test execution status.

6 . What is the test Scenario?

The test Scenario gives the idea of what we have to test. Test scenario is like a high level test cases.

7 . What is the test case?

Test case is a group of positive and negative executive steps of a test scenario, including pre-conditions, test data, expected results, post-positions, and actual results.

8 . What is a test bed?

An environment for testing Test bed includes hardware, software, network configuration, an application under testing, other related software.

9 . What is test data?

Test data is a data that is used by testers to run test cases. While running test cases, testers need to enter some input data. To do this, testers prepare test data. It can be prepared manually and also using the tool.

10 . What is test harness?

A test is a collection of harness software and test data, which is configured to run under a programmable unit under various conditions, including monitoring of output with expected output.

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